Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1080 - the untold stories

All the articles below were published in the Southland Times newspaper on Friday 31st January 2011 by the Southern Earth Environmental Coalition (SEEC).

They have been reprinted in this blog for ease of viewing.
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Any financial backing would be greatly appreciated as we continue to question those who are making these decisions and bring about the changes needed for protection of our environment and of our health.  Despite cover-ups that have been uncovered and numerous accounts regarding detrimental and even devastating effects to our wildlife (from members of the public and even ex-DoC workers), the killing practices continue and the spin doctors carry on churning out 'the success of their poison operations'.  Details of our bank account are on the Southern Earth Environmental Coalition page.  Alternatively write to us on our email: seecnz@gmail.com or post your comments to this blog.

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  1. It seems like a travesty: environmental crime of the worst kind. I don't understand the motivation for the government to allow this.
    I think you should post a bit more information about the compound itself so those of us with a questioning mind can do some more research into the facts.
    I found Wikipedia to have a few links under 1080 poison. including one from the NZ DoL occupational safety and health service : guidelines for the safe use of Sodium Fluoroacetate (1080) which i intend to read.

    Looking forward to future progress reports