Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Southern Earth Environmental Coalition (SEEC)

Who are we?
 We are normal people with day jobs who object to poisons being used indiscriminately and irresponsibly by unaccountable bureaucrats who are poisoning our beautiful country. Accused by the media and the government of being activists and terrorists, in actual fact we never threaten anyone, while those involved in the 1080 industry get away with murder — literally.

What do we want?
• Guaranteed Safe Access to wild sources of food for all New Zealanders — period.
• Development of permanent environmentally-friendly systems of Pest Eradication that Simultaneously target multiple species.
• National Standards for hand laying of all toxins.
• Regional Maps showing past and present usage of ALL toxins, including DDT, 245T. Brodifacoum and 1080.
• Mandatory Public Notification of ALL 1080 use by ALL parties, including all branches and forms of government.
• A greater degree of Local Control and Community Benefit from pest control operations.
• Training Programs for young people to help them acquire bush and trapping skills.
• Development of Possum-Related Products and related export markets.
We have also made a formal request to Clutha-Southland MP Hon. Bill English for 300 self-resetting traps to be deployed throughout Southland for the trapping of stoats and rats.

Want to Donate or Work Together? 
If you want to help raise awareness of what is going on with regard to the indiscriminate use
of 1080 that endangers our environment, our international markets and our tourism, OR if you would like to be a part of the solution, we would welcome your assistance.

If you are a business or individual who would like to sponsor these efforts and/or traps then please feel free to donate to the following account or contact us at the e-mail address shown below:
Account Name: SEEC
Account Number: 03 1355 0646024 00

If you have more information regarding bird and animal deaths from 1080 on Stewart Island and elsewhere please write to us at the following address.


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